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episode 2

Paige and Jay are called to investigate what appears to be a suicide and are surprised to find that the victim is Messing. While examining the crime scene, Paige finds the small cardinal necklace. Touching it, she experiences a long-repressed memory of three young children playing at an orphanage, singing a childhood tune. As the unnerving memory ends, Paige is shaking, but hides it, and unintentionally pockets the necklace. 


Observing her from several blocks away, is the Mysterious Person.


Returning to the station, Paige and Jay look over the evidence and are joined by the Chief, and Paige’s nemesis, Detective Tom Miller. Miller is a disrespectful misogynist and challenges Paige at every turn. As the meeting wraps, Paige gets a text from her sister, Dr. Sarah Steckler, reminding her that her husband, Senator Anthony Steckler’s fundraising party is that night. Paige tries to beg off, but Sarah insists she come. 


Dr Sutherland, wily psychologist, and good friend to Jay, plays a fun, but aggressive game of basketball with Jay. As Jay gets a text from his girlfriend, Madison, he’s clearly irritated. Dr. Sutherland checks Jay, asking him about the relationship, eventually turning the conversation to his relationship with Paige. Jay insists it’s just professional, but clearly he’s attracted to his partner. 


Paige arrives for the party and notices her nephew, Richie, 15, trying to steal some bourbon. The teasing banter between them reveals the deep affection they have for each other. She grabs the bottle away from him. “Not on my watch.” In the deep background, a figure hovers. Is it the Mysterious Person?  


Sarah makes a dazzling entrance, greeting guests, making her way through the crowd to Paige. While Sarah says hello to a powerful donor, Paige notices hidden bruises on her arms, and discovers the Senator has been abusing her. Under the cover of the rowdy crowd and jazz being belted out, Paige confronts Steckler. Cheers erupt as the Senator and his wife are called to the stage. A distraught Richie has overheard Paige’s exchange with his father, grabs the bottle of booze and heads out the door. Paige runs after him. 


Blue gloved hands move mysteriously through the air. Paige’s eyes glaze over and she abruptly stops. Robotically, she gets in her car and drives to Cardinal Liquors. She mindlessly buys a bottle of Dead Dog Bourbon, drives to a city street, parks, and drinks until she passes out.


A vivid vision of the Senator being murdered, startles Paige awake. Her cell rings. It’s Sarah. Steckler is dead. Paige is mere blocks from the Steckler house. Has no idea how she got there. She guns the car and finds the Senator’s dead body exactly as in her vision.


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