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episode 3

As Jay and other police arrive at the Steckler’s, a stunned Paige has more sharp flashes of Steckler’s murder. A devastated Sarah shares that she’d been at the hospital and just returned to find her husband. Richie is missing and Sarah is freaking out. Paige has an intuitive flash of Richie in a hidden room.


The police spread out, looking for Richie, as Paige follows her intuition and searches the house. She has another jolt as she descends the stairs and discovers a hidden doorway. As she pushes through it, Jay follows and they discover a sleeping, bloodied Richie. He is rushed to the hospital.


At the hospital, the Chief tells Paige she’s off the case as this is family. But Paige can’t let it go. Back at the Steckler home, Paige sneaks by the CSI team and sees them bagging a bottle of Dead Dog bourbon. She enters the room where the Senator was killed. More flashes. She sees the perpetrator’s gloved hand holding an old trophy. She looks at the case where they were kept. One of them is gone. She visualizes the trophy flying out the window. The broken screen loosely blows in the breeze. 


Paige races outside and looks under the window and sees the trophy hidden in some bushes. She’s about to pull it out, when Carson (CSI) catches her. Managing to talk her way out of it, she heads to the car and receives a text from her friend, Sgt. Hanna Kellogg, with a video taken on a home security system the night of the murder. It shows Richie and Steckler in a horrible fight. Richie screams, “I’m going to kill you!” 


Back at the station, Miller watches the same video with the Chief. They can’t locate Richie, who has been released from the hospital. As Paige returns, the Chief reminds her she can’t be involved in the investigation. They put out an APB on Richie.


While sitting in her office, an exhausted Paige tries not to fall apart. Jay finds her and attempts to comfort her. A voice from the doorway interrupts them. David, Paige’s boyfriend, has returned home from his book tour. After a quiet dinner, where despite all the turmoil in Paige’s family, the conversation is focused mostly on David, Paige begs off early. 


Crawling into bed, she falls into a fitful sleep. Suddenly a vision of Richie fighting for his life, interrupts her sleep. Paige wakes up on the porch, instead of her bed, fully dressed, and confused. She jumps in the car, tries to call Richie. No answer. Then Sarah. No answer. Sarah calls her back.


Paige arrives at the Steckler house, tries to stop Sarah from opening the garage door… too late. Richie is dead, hanging from the rafters.

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