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“AFTERTHOUGHTS”  a paranormal crime thriller


Detective PAIGE ALDRIDGE is one of the Louisville Police Department’s best, due in part to her uncanny “intuition”. She, and her stalwart partner, JAY VITTADINI, make a dynamic team, solving many cases, including that of the wrongly convicted child molester, IAN MESSING. 


While celebrating his freedom, Messing is lured to a high-rise rooftop where a MYSTERIOUS PERSON, inexplicably gains control of Messing’s body, and compels him to throw himself off the roof to his death. The Mysterious Person then drops a small cardinal charm necklace off the roof’s edge. It lands next to Messing’s broken body.


Paige and Jay are called to investigate and are surprised to find that the victim is Messing. While examining the crime scene, Paige finds the small necklace. Touching it, she experiences a long repressed memory of three young children playing at an orphanage. As the unnerving vision ends, Paige is shaken, but she keeps it to herself and pockets the necklace. 

That night, at a fundraiser for her brother-in-law, senator ANTHONY STECKLER, Paige notices bruises on her sister, SARAH STECKLER’s arm. She confronts Anthony about the suspected abuse. Her teenage nephew RICHIE STECKLER overhears them and races out of the party. Paige chases after him, but abruptly stops when the Mysterious Person manipulates her mind, forcing her to black out. She experiences a terrifying vision of Anthony being murdered. The next morning, he is found exactly as she envisioned. While investigating his murder, she has a horrifying vision of Richie dying. Paige frantically races to his home to save him only to arrive and find him dead. As evidence starts to mount, police begin to suspect Paige. Because of the visions, Paige also suspects that she might be involved.


Paige panics, but a strange HOMELESS WOMAN tells her that she has special powers, and guides her on how to use them to fight the Mysterious Person. As Paige investigates more deeply, she discovers the murders are linked to her past. She learns that the Homeless Woman is her biological sister and the Mysterious Person, her twisted brother Shepherd, who is seeking revenge.


In a shattering climax, Paige must not only face what happened in her childhood, but embrace her newfound powers to destroy her own powerful and revenge-filled brother.

Will she succeed? 


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