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episode 1

Detective Paige Aldridge is one of the Louisville Police Department’s finest, due in part to her uncanny “intuition.” She and her stalwart partner, Jay Vittadini, make a dynamic team, solving many cases, including freeing the wrongly convicted child molester, Ian Messing. 


As Messing moves swiftly out the courthouse doors with his team of lawyers, and faces a hostile crowd of onlookers, Paige works her way along the outside of the crowd. She has an unexpected intuitive flash, dives into the crowd, and takes down a woman who is about to shoot Messing. As Paige handcuffs the woman, Jay helps the other officers tuck Messing safely into his lawyer’s car. 


She and Jay enter Pauline’s coffee shop, and meet a flirtatious new waitress, Beth. We find out that Paige has a boyfriend, David, who is a celebrated author out on a book tour. As Paige and Jay exit the restaurant, a homeless woman clears up her belongings quickly and leaves. Beth watches everything unfold through the window.


The next day, Paige and Jay head to a stakeout, watching for a notorious dealer who has moved into competition with the neighborhood drug runners. Nothing happens so they head back to the station. But while Jay takes a break, Paige has an intuitive flash of someone killing the drug runners. She races to the scene and arrives just in time to thwart the murders. She’s slightly wounded. The mysterious dealer escapes.


Paige gets in trouble for heading out without backup and is warned by her superior that her reckless behavior is not serving her. 


Back at work, we see that although Paige’s intuitive gift allows her to be a good cop, she just wants to be normal. She gets another intuitive hit about a case but ignores it. 


Celebrating his freedom in high style, Messing is lured to a high-rise rooftop by someone. This person, through a supernatural power, gains control of Messing’s body, and throws him off the roof. The Mysterious Person then drops a small cardinal charm necklace off the roof’s edge. It lands next to Messing’s broken and bloody body.

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