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episode 8

At the Childers Farm, Aileen grabs groceries from her car. Paige comes at her with a gun and Aileen runs and hides in a barn, begging for her life. Jay (having discovered David’s betrayal with Aileen) shows up, sees Paige’s car and calls for back up. Aileen hides as Jay approaches Paige’s car. He sees blood inside and picks up the charm with a pen.

As he enters the barn, Paige shoots him twice. Aileen pushes hay on Paige and Paige fires, missing her. As Paige stands, her wig falls off showing that she is the Mysterious Man. Jay is rattled, but okay. He gets off two shots and hits him in the leg. The Mysterious Man manages to limp away and drive off in Aileen’s SUV. Jay shoots, but he gets away. Jay checks on Aileen and they are both okay. Jay calls in requesting an APB on an UNSUB (unknown subject.)


A sound in the Mysterious Man’s car trunk grabs Jay and Aileen’s attention. Jay looks inside and finds Paige, bound and gagged. Paige is crazed and confesses to the crimes. Jay helps her to ground herself, tells her what just happened. Slowly Paige remembers. She tells Jay about the kidnapping and how the man convinced her that she killed everyone.


Jay hands Paige the necklace. A flash. The SUV heads toward the old orphanage. The Mysterious Man laughs, “Come on Pigeon. Let’s play.”


Jay and Paige arrive at the Treehouse and cautiously enter, guns drawn. As the necklace gently moves on her neck, Paige has another flashback which guides her to a hidden button. A wall slides open. They find the homeless woman beaten and bound to a chair. They ask her if she’s Junna Brooks. Junna tells Paige that only the two of them can stop the Mysterious Man. 


Police cruisers arrive outside. Jay, Paige and Junna move carefully down a dark stairwell followed by the patrolmen. Once they enter a vaulted room, gloved hands move from a distance and Junna stops. Paige realizes Junna is being controlled. She and Jay circle the room and come face to face with the Mysterious Man. Paige calls him by his name, Shepherd. 


As the patrolmen spill into the room, Shepherd manipulates their hands to shoot each other. Junna comes to Paige’s aid as Shepherd has the police point their guns to Paige. Shepherd confesses that this is all because Paige was adopted and left him behind to face the abuse by Messing.


To try to calm him, Paige and Junna sing the childhood song. Shepherd fights to try and stop them. Officers point guns at Paige again. Jay (who was unconscious on the ground) gets up and sweeps Shepherd’s legs out from under him. He crashes to the floor. As he tries to regain his footing, Paige and Junna together use their powers to orchestrate the officers to fire. Shepherd slumps to the ground, bleeding out. 


Jay comforts Paige, who lets herself be held by him. He tells her she’s not crazy. But she does have a gift.


At Pauline’s restaurant, Paige, Jay and Junna eat lunch. David rushes in, concerned. Still wearing the cardinal necklace, Paige tells him to get the hell out and never come back. A waitress, Sheryl, drops off the check. Jay asks what happened to Beth. Sheryl says there’s no other waitress except for her. 


Jay gets up to go to the men’s room and Paige and Junna hear a voice in their heads. They go outside. Standing next to Paige’s car are two FBI agents. One of the agents is Beth. She’s spoken to them telepathically. She tells them Shepherd is alive and under heavy sedation. There are more like Shepherd and the FBI needs Paige and Junna to help stop them.


As they talk, a mysterious medical team kidnaps Shepherd from the hospital. Numerous machines are keeping him alive. Once inside an ambulance, the men put something in his IV. Slowly, his eyes open. 


Outside the restaurant, Jay emerges. Paige and Junna stand there, each clutching an FBI badge. 

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