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episode 7

That night, Paige is at home looking at the names on the back of the photo-- Thom, Mary, Junna and Jeffery. The rest are illegible. She circles Junna’s name and writes Sheppy on the back. Outside, the Black Sedan pulls up and parks.


Paige sleeps. Harry growls, looking around, as blue gloved fingers interlace together in the Black Sedan. Paige tosses and turns. She dreams about being young and yelling “jump”. She sees herself watching from a distance as Messing lurks at the edge of the yard, watching all the little children play. She bolts upright, gets dressed and heads to the office.


The homeless woman sleeps inside an abandoned building. She jolts awake, knows something is wrong. She begs an off-duty cab driver to get her away from here. 


Paige is in her office, head on her desk, asleep. She’s looking for a connection between Messing and the more current abuse cases he was acquitted of. Photos of the victims, and from the orphanage file are strewn around her. Kellogg wakes her up with a cup of coffee, suggesting she might want to put the evidence away. Just as Paige puts everything away, Jay shows up, asks how she is. Tired of his solicitous tone, she snaps at him and he leaves to get coffee. Paige picks up a photo of the orphanage and gets a searing intuitive flash. The Homeless Woman is riding in a cab. The cab driver goes fast, faster… and slams the cab into a brick wall.


Jay comes back to an empty office. Paige is gone. On the floor is the orphanage photo of the kids. Jay asks Officer Douglas to run facial recognition of the photos. Miller enters and tells Jay that they’ve been holding back some info. Paige’s prints are everywhere at the Senator’s crime scene. Jay says, “Her sister lives there, Of course her prints are there.” Miller tells Jay to follow him. They enter an office. The whole team is gathered.


Mysterious Person walks up to the smashed cab, breaks a window and reaches in, but senses someone coming, hides. Paige runs to the cab. The Homeless Woman is not there. The Mysterious Person appears behind Paige. She turns to find a scruffy 30-year-old man. He places a rag over her face and she loses consciousness. 


Paige is dumped in the front seat of his car and her cardinal necklace falls to the floor. Homeless Woman is in the back seat, unconscious. Sirens are heard in the distance.


When Paige wakes up, she’s bound to a chair. Pretending to still be unconscious, she sees her phone on a table. 27 missed calls from Jay. The Mysterious Man watches. Convinced she’s still passed out, he leaves the room. Paige cautiously lifts her head. Through the closed door across the hall, she hears the Homeless Woman scream. Paige tries to escape but the Mysterious Man reappears. He tells her she must face her demons. He places his hand on Paige’s forehead, and in rapid succession, Paige sees herself forcing Messing off of the roof, killing Stecker, then Richie. She breaks down sobbing. She is crazy. And a murderer.


Meanwhile in the Chief’s office, Jay, Miller and Kellogg argue. The Chief demands that Jay tell them where Paige is. Jay says he doesn’t know. Miller shows him evidence of tire tracks at the scene and the video of Paige riding the motorcycle. As other evidence is presented against Paige, Jay becomes convinced she’s guilty. The Chief issues an APB. 


Jay heads back to his office. Douglas grabs his attention. He tells Jay that the photo was of a Junna Brooks. The other girl is Paige.


He does deep dive research on the Treehouse Orphanage, and discovers that it originated as an orphanage for children with mental disorders.

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