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episode 6

The Mysterious Person closes in on Paige as she’s in a trance. She’s in the pov of a little girl, hiding in a closet with another little girl as a young boy screams. The Director is terrorizing him and the boy’s screams get softer as he is dragged down the hall. The younger girl convinces the older to go after the boy, Sheppy, to protect him. As they are about to enter the office where the boy has been dragged, the older girl becomes nauseous.


Paige wakes up with a start and hurls. The Mysterious Man thinks better of his plan and slides back into the shadows. She hears him and a cat and mouse in her apartment ensues. Pulling her gun, she whips around doors, moves upstairs, he’s always just out of her sight… he disappears, breeze floating through open window… did she really see someone or is it all in her mind? 


She goes to the station and pulls out the file on the Treehouse Orphanage where she grew up. She notices a picture of three kids at a swing set, dated May, 1995. She recognizes herself as the young nauseous girl in the flashback. What’s happening? Looking around to see if anyone is watching, she stuffs the photo in her jacket. 


At Pauline’s, Beth pours a cup of coffee and glances at the picture in front of Paige. Paige touches the charm and is transported back to the day she was adopted. The Director distracts her younger brother and sister and sneaks Paige out to meet Mr. and Mrs. Aldridge. As they drive away, Paige doesn’t see her sister and brother running after her. Beth watches Paige lost in her memory. She slips into the kitchen to make a secret phone call.


Jay enters Pauline’s and sees a dazed Paige fiddling with the charm. He snaps her back to reality. Paige hides the photo, but as her fingers touch it, she has a premonition of the Homeless Person on a park bench looking at the photo and smiling. 

Paige jumps up, surprising Jay, and beelines to the door. He shouts after her, worried about her state of mind, but she’s gone. He pulls out his phone to dial Dr. Sutherland, but decides not to. 


At the park, Paige finds the Homeless Woman and shows her the picture. The woman starts to speak but sees Sheppy in the picture and slaps it out of Paige’s hand. 


As the homeless woman races away, Paige screams “Are you my sister?”


At her apartment, David is waiting. He apologizes profusely, said he made a terrible mistake, begs her forgiveness. Needing love and comfort, she sleeps with him. Staking out her house to protect her, Jay knows what’s happening inside, and crushed, drives away.


The next day, on the job, Paige runs into Jay. It’s awkward. She’s on desk duty, but while she’s supposed to be doing paperwork, starts digging more deeply into the orphanage file, which is extensive.


She’s shocked to discover that The Director in her vision is Messing.

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