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episode 5

Jay gets to Sarah just in time, grabs her and rolls out of the way, as a bus screeches to a stop. The black sedan, hidden in the shadows, slowly drives away.


At the hospital, where Sarah’s being checked out, David gives Aileen a hug on the sly. Paige emerges from talking with the doctor and looks out into the parking lot. The Mysterious Person, face hidden, tips his hat and walks towards the Black Sedan. Paige races down the stairs and goes after him. Jay follows, gun drawn. Paige catches up and pounds viciously on the window of the Black Sedan. The window lowers to reveal a frightened elderly couple.


Paige is confused, thinks she’s going crazy. Jay starts to question what is happening. Is Paige ok? As he drives her home, he jokingly offers to toast some Poptarts to make her feel better. Paige halfheartedly laughs and says “rain check.” Jay watches Paige head into her house and calls Dr. Sutherland.


Jay shares about the erratic and odd behaviors he is noticing but doesn’t name Paige. Sutherland tells him he needs to have this officer come and see him immediately. These are worrying behaviors and could lead to something very bad happening. 


Paige sorts through her mail and finds a brightly colored envelope with just her name. The message tells her to concentrate on an image of a cardinal and all will be revealed. She throws open her door, to see who dropped the envelope, but there’s no one there. She sits down, concentrates on the image, but nothing happens. 


Paige drinks a bunch of wine and falls fast asleep. Through a window, the Homeless Woman watches. Paige has a dream of sleeping by a waterfall, which turns into a large fountain that she recognizes. In the background of her dream, she hears the childhood song again. For the first time, she wakes up the next morning well rested.


Paige and her dog Harry run to the fountain from her dream. There she sees the Homeless Woman who talks to her, though it's hard to understand her gibberish. The Homeless Woman gives her clues on how to deal with the Mysterious Person but is suddenly frightened and runs away. 


As Paige returns home, she grabs the newspaper. Thumbing through the pages, she sees photos of David at a book signing with another woman. The woman’s face is hidden, but she looks familiar. Paige can’t quite place her.


Paige invites David to meet for dinner at their favorite restaurant. She has printed out several pictures from all sorts of press. She throws each picture at him, one by one. The pictures reveal the woman with him is AILEEN. A furious Paige throws bourbon in David’s face and walks away. 


Paige arrives home, and rediscovers the charm hidden in her jacket pocket. As she touches the cardinal charm, she has a flashback to her childhood. As she holds the charm, the Mysterious Person slowly walks out of the shadows towards her. He’s about to touch Paige...

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