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episode 4

CSI’s and Detectives swarm the garage investigating Richie’s “suicide.” Paige tells the cops that Richie didn’t kill himself, but when they ask her how she knows that, she can’t reveal her vision. Plus, she’s freaked out. Why did she wake up on her porch, fully dressed? She watches as her cousin Aileen and Aileen’s husband Jones gently guide Sarah to their waiting car. Stepping away, Paige sees a glimpse of the Mysterious Person on the street. She chases after him, but the Mysterious Person disappears. She hears the rumble of a car starting and a black sedan pulls out. She yells to Jay, but the car gets away unseen. Paige insists that she saw something.


As Jay and the rest of the team return to the investigation, Paige uses the flashes she can remember to start looking for evidence. In a nearby flowerbed, she finds motorcycle tire tracks and a footprint. She sees her own footprint is a match. Miller startles her and she pulls her foot back. Too late. Did he see her? She gets in trouble for hanging around the investigation. Jay and the Chief encourage her to go to her sister. 


Paige arrives at Aileen’s home, the Childers farm. Sarah is on the porch, distraught. As Aileen sets about getting food and drink, an unknown car meanders down the long driveway. Paige puts her hand on her gun but is relieved to see it’s Jay. Spontaneously, she hugs him. A moment of awkward connection. Jay reveals a suicide note the police believe was written by Richie. Paige insists he didn’t write it.


Back at the police station, Miller and his team find video evidence of someone who looks like Paige riding a motorcycle and parking at the Steckler home right before Richie’s ‘suicide.’ The cops pull up the license plate. The bike was stolen from Paige’s next-door neighbor


The next day, after the private funeral for both the Senator and Richie, Paige closes her eyes and has another intuitive flash of Sarah walking in front of a city bus. Paige startles awake just as Sarah walks towards the street. She bolts after her and yells to Jay who is closer. Jay races towards Sarah. Will he make it?

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